Great that you visit our website ‘Mister Vélo vintage steel bikes’. Goal of this website is to give you an impression of what we do or actually what we love to do. Our mission is giving vintage racing bikes a second life. We do this with full focus and eye for detail. With passion and 100% attention to every single part of each bike we can achieve our high quality standards. All bikes have been treated with love and care and are restored with ‘new’ parts. So an old school racing bike in a recycled jacket which can last for years again. 

Besides racing bikes we restore and sell randonneur bikes, sports bikes and we do special projects like single speeds and fixed gear bikes. Furthermore we customize bikes on request. We offer a wide range of options. You choose your bike or frame set, parts (used or new) and decide which color setting you wish so we can build your unique bike.

Most bikes you will find on this website have already found a new owner but stock is changing almost every week. If you are interested in one of our projects or bicycles in process please follow us on Instagram.

Interested in one of these vintage steel bikes? Please send an email to Mister Vélo and ask for the possibilities.