The touch of Mister Vélo

Sustainability by craftsmanship

At Mister Vélo we believe in a sustainable society in which craftsmanship and love for beautiful materials play an important role. The fact that we started in 2014 based on the idea of giving discarded racing bicycles a second chance was a logical step for us. Our philosophy: “why would you trade in high-quality products for cheaply uniformity?” Every day with this thought we can contribute to a ‘better’ world and we are happy to do so! That this philosophy is also widely supported by our visitors and customers both at home and abroad, reinforces our entrepreneurial urge to create something beautiful every day with enthusiasm and attention.

The origin

People regularly ask us: “how do you get all those old bikes?” In recent years, we have been able to considerably expand our network and buy our bikes both at home and abroad. The bicycles that we receive directly are offered to us by people who share the same passion and we work together with other racing bike enthusiasts. Of course we also search at Marktplaats and exchange used racing bikes for “new” ones.

The touch of Mister Vélo

At Mister Vélo we do not produce racing bike frames. Our strength lies in renovating and returning to its original state. Every racing bike is subjected to an accurate eye. All parts are deleted. Thoroughly cleaned and moving parts are provided with new grease and bearings and tires, cables and steering tape are replaced in advance. In our communication we call this: “completely serviced”. Rebuilding the end result of a racing bike to your own taste and insight gives the touch of Mister Vélo!

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