Graziano *SOLD*

Graziano racing bike 

This gentlemen’s bicycle was created in a sustainable way. The frame is coated in dark black and assembled with new parts. This lightweight bicycle is perfect to use in the city, but is also great for longer rides. A beautiful, sturdy bike with a charming look and vintage character. With this bike you cycle in style!

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We built this bike from scratch with a low-maintenance bottom bracket and a new headset. The new rims are spoked with serviced quality hubs. The handlebars, brakes and levers are new, just like the pedals, the saddle, the tires and the seat post.

Frame Size:
60 cm ct. | body height: approx. 185 – 190 cm

Group set:

Steel Peugeot

Italian basis 80’s

Because our bicycles are produced in a sustainable way, you will always be able to detect small irregularities on the bike. This is inherent aan het recycling process.

Price: €650,- *

* ask quote for shipping to your country