About our bicycles

It is well known that we at Mister Vélo restore old racing bikes and give them a second life. But did you know that we also reuse discarded bicycles and make something beautiful out of them?

Durable, unique and of great beauty

At Mister Vélo we have our own bicycle line that is created in a sustainable way. Bicycles that are still fine under the paint and where we see the opportunity to give them a second chance. This is how we contribute to a circular economy. Because we want to be sustainable, our challenge is to reuse as many old materials as possible. For you as a customer, it offers the ultimate opportunity to ride your unique bicycle in style. 

A characteristic Giant racing bike from the 70’s. Built in Taiwan. We have refurbished this bike completely and built it up with original parts.

Reuse makes cycling even more fun

You probably already knew our vintage racing bikes with their own touch. Now the new line has been added. We try to recycle as much as possible, which is why bicycles frames are reused by us. Discarded frames are sandblasted and powder coated. This is less harmful to the environment than for example wet paining using harmful solvents. Both the coating itself and the entire proces are much less harmful to the environment … and the result is fantastic. Of course there are always some small irregularities on the frames but that is the charm of reuse and it gives the bike its own unique character. Frames with dents or cracks are not reused buit disposed of in a sustainable way. 

A bicycle with its own character

For a few years now we have been serving the top of the market with our steel racing bikes. With this new line we focus on more or less the same target group. People who, like us, live a sustainable way and who appreciate this value together with that of quality and style. People who would like to distinguish itself from others. With this new line, we offer them bicycles with a classic look that can be personalized if desired.

A reused frame set of an old Italian brand. Rebuilt with used and new parts. A retro look racing bike with an unique character. Stylish and suitable for every gentleman who appreciate design.

The models

The recycled bicycles are sold under our own “MisterVélo” label. They therefore each have their own characteristic properties. To ensure this, the color, finish and accessories will be different for each item. And as a unique identity feature, each bicycle is given its own name. But the end result is always: stylish and unique!

We supply three models: a racing bike, a ladies bike and a single speed. These are the models from which we work. But as said: “the possibilities are endless”. Which? Please contact.

Racing bike

Single speed

Womens bike

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