The frame size of your racing bike…

We regularly get the question: "what is the right frame size for my height?"

This question is fairly easy to answer. On the internet you will find a lot of tables with the right frame size for your height. But you have to keep in mind that these lists contains only average sizes. Every person has different body proportions. And measurements can generally be quite different. For example, women have relatively longer legs than men have and men have longer arms than women have. So in order to be able to cycle comfortably, the right frame size is required.

How you could measure to determine your frame size
Method 1:

There are different ways to determine your correct frame size. The most accurate way is to measure your inseam lenght. To do this, stand with your back and both heels against a wall. Place your feet 15 cm apart and measure from your groin to the floor. Do this bare footed. Multiply this measurement by 0.68. Now you’ve got your frame size height. Note: round this down. So 54.7 cm becomes 54 cm.

Method 2:

Another way to determine the correct frame size is to measure from the top of your kneecap to the floor. Do this with the shoes on. You will understand that you do this with the shoes you wear while cycling; therefore do not measure with platform shoes or high heels.

Is the length of the top tube of your racing bike also important?

Certainly! The frame size length is also important. A too long horizontal tube with a too long stem makes cycling unpleasant. Because of this your neck muscles will become too tight and you want to prevent this.

To determine the correct size, place both hands on top of the brake levers. If your arms are slightly bent, the length is correct. If both arms are too stretched, then you better mount a shorter stem. In case of a slight deviation, it may help to tilt the handlebars slightly towards you. This way you will sit a little more upright and this position will feel more relaxed.

The above methods are also averages. For the correct adjustment and for customized advice you better visit the store. We can help you with the correct adjustment of your racing bike. In addition, we have a wide range of different racing bikes in stock and we can help you customizing the bike you prefer.

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